Arabian Whitening Kit

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FOR: Intensive skin whitening on face & body. Whitens, fades discolourations, fades stretchmarks and scars, whitens dark hands and feet.


 Face: Lather Glutathione soap on wet skin, leave on for 2-3 mins, rinse & towel dry twice daily.

Dampen cotton wool with face polishing cleanser and apply n face and neck twice daily.

Apply Day cream every morning, Repairing Cream before retiring at night.

Scrub Lips with Pink Lip Scrub on wet kips, rinse & towel dry. Apply Lip Balm 2-3 times a day for maximum results.

Body: With exfoliating bath gloves, apply Arabian Whitening soap on wel skin & scrub gently, rinse & towel dry.

Apply Arabian Egg Lotion.

100% Organic. Inspired By Nature.

Arabian Whitening Kit:

1. Glutathione Soap (Net Weight = 100g)

2. Face Polishing Cleanser (Volume = 100ml)

3. Face Polishing Day Cream (Volume = 50ml)

4. Face Repairing Cream  = (Volume 50ml)

5. Arabian Whitening Soap = (Net Weight = 200g)

6. Arabian Egg Yolk Lotion = (Volume 250ml)

7. Lip Kit = ( Scrub + Lip Balm)

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